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Buying a home or investment property can be one of the most stressful and daunting tasks you will ever experience. With an ever-changing real estate market, it is important to have a knowledgeable Hawaii Realtor to guide you through the home-buying process. With the proper guidance of a real estate agent who can walk you through each step, buying a Hawaii home can be a pleasurable and rewarding experience.

Regardless of your knowledge of investing, buying a home is one of the largest investments of your life. As both a professional Realtor and real estate investor, John Keoni Welch will assist with every step of the home buying process, from screening current properties in the Oahu and Honolulu area home market to negotiating the best deal. While you are receiving all the benefits of John Keoni Welch's hard work, time, and knowledge, it is the seller, not you, who pays our commission! Most sellers in the market budget into their closing costs the buying agent's commission, since they understand that most people will take full advantage of a Realtor's experience and inside knowledge. Let us show you why we should be your Hawaii real estate team.

John Keoni Welch home buying services:

Initial Consultation: There are many questions to consider when buying a home in Honolulu County. What size of home will fit your growing (or decreasing) household? What features are most important to you? Do you want an ocean front or a mountain view property? Do you want to buy a home in Kahala, or do you need to be closer to downtown Honolulu? What size of loan can you qualify for and what monthly payment can you afford now.....or in 5 years? All these questions need to be asked, and we promise to listen to your needs as we help you prioritize the features that are most important to you. This process not only helps you clarify what type of home you are looking for, but it also provides John Keoni Welch with the opportunity to teach you about the Honolulu area home market. Why settle for a condo, when with our help and creativity, you could afford a house?

Loan Process: John Keoni Welch walks you through the loan process, setting up meetings for you with several of the top local lenders in Honolulu County. We update you on the financial information necessary for each lender appointment, to ensure there are no delays in getting you pre-qualified and pre-approved for a loan. This is very important, as many sellers will not show you their homes unless you have taken the steps to get pre-qualified or pre-approved.

Research Potential Houses: With our inside knowledge of the Honolulu real estate market, we will actively be searching for your perfect home, even if it is not currently on the market. We are part of an extensive network of agents and local sellers who we can contact to find "pocket listings" (homes not yet listed). These "Pocket Listings" may offer the opportunity to locate unique properties not yet on the market, and prevents a potential bidding war with other buyers in the event they do come on the market.

Screen all Potential Properties: In order to ensure that your time is respected, we preview every property beforehand, so you only visit the homes that are best suited for your needs and taste. This also ensures that if a steal comes on the market, we will drive by the same day in order to get you there first!

Showing Pre-Screened Properties: After the property has been pre-screened, we will personally drive you around to each property. This eliminates unnecessary hassles such as the cost of gas and getting lost. We will also be there on site if you have questions about the property, the home's construction, or its investment potential. A set of experienced eyes will also be helpful to notice positive and negative features you might not catch. With our expertise and knowledge of the Honolulu real estate market, we will help you find the best value.  

Helping You Write an Offer: Professionally trained and experienced in drafting up purchase contracts, we have all the necessary paperwork to assist you in writing the offer after we've found you the perfect home. While Realtors are not allowed to give tax and legal advice, John Keoni Welch has the technical knowledge to walk you step by step through the many pages of legal jargon and disclosures that make up the Real Estate contract. Many Realtors have you simply sign at the bottom line, but we believe in thoroughly reviewing each section of the purchase so we understand each step of the home buying experience.  

Inspections & Disclosures: One area of concern when buying a home is with all the details the seller was not aware of, or did not mention, such as termite damage, an illegal garage conversion, or a tilting foundation. With a background in construction, we can guide you in which inspections to perform, suggesting quality professionals to provide that service. We will also walk you through the numerous disclosures the seller will provide, ensuring a safer investment and providing peace of mind. As your Honolulu area Realtor, John Keoni Welch and his team will schedule all the necessary inspections to make sure the largest investment of your life is a safe one!

Escrow Process: After the paperwork is signed, we will recommend several local qualified escrow companies to handle the closing, protecting both parties and guaranteeing that both follow through with the contract. John Keoni Welch will act as your liaison to both parties involved, reminding you of all necessary inspection and contingency removal deadlines, and preventing potential delays.

From start to finish John Keoni Welch will be there to walk you through the entire  escrow process, and on the day of closing he will hand you the keys to your beautiful new property!

The next step is to give us the chance to put this expertise to work for you. To contact John Keoni Welch, please call (808) 226-1728 or email The John Keoni Welch team looks forward to serving you and your Honolulu area Real Estate needs.